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We make it possible for anyone to succeed in the e-commerce industry. You get an international team that uses their passion, creativity, and expert knowledge to open new opportunities for your business every day.

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We started Obor Desk in 2018 because we wanted to help suppliers and retailers find a reliable way to source the perfect items to sell, and then work with them to get the products to their customers.

We do the heavy supply-chain work so you don’t have to. We are always actively researching to find the best new, interesting, and in-demand products to add to our catalog. Our members love working with us because we’ve created powerful yet simple-to-use tools and resources that help them drive business growth.

We can only succeed when our members do. That’s why our main focus is always on increasing your business revenue opportunities and making sure your growth can be done with minimum effort and technical knowledge.

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A dream-team of international supply-chain and sourcing experts that dropshippers around the world count on to gain a winning edge over competitors.

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We do not have large or small customers. Every one of our clients gets the same white-glove services and consulting.

But don’t take our word for it. Call us today and see for yourself how important you and your goals are to us.

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