Done-For-You Drop
Shipping Fulfilment.

All you do is market your products, we’ll handle the rest.
Obor Desk handles every step of fulfilment. We process your orders, automatically update your inventory, ship your products, and manage customer returns.

We take away all your fulfilment headaches so you can focus on growing and improving your business.

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What Can Obor Desk Do for You?

You’ve worked hard to create a business that sells products people want. But as you know, getting the customer to buy was only half the journey. They still need to receive their products, and that’s where Obor Desk can help. We pick, pack, and ship all your orders for you.

The best part is that our process is completely scalable. This means you can grow your business as fast as you need to, and our full-service drop shipping processes will adjust perfectly to fit your needs

You and your customers get fantastic service with each and every order. That’s why you need Obor Desk

How We Make Your Life Easier

integrate shopify with obordesk

Integrate your Shopify

we source for your from different sellers

We source for you

Brand your product with obordesk

We brand for you

we will purchase for you

We purchase for you

checking quality of packaging

We quality control

Obordesk stock

We stock for you

Checking the quailty of packaging

We inspect and package the product

ship your order to customer using obordesk

We ship to your customers

It’s Like Pushing a Button and Activating Your
Own Supply Chain Overnight

Total orders fulfilled through Obordesk

brand your product with one click

Improve your branding

Brand your materials like a million-dollar company. We handle placing your logo and branding on your packages, flyers, paperwork and more to let you create that awesome unboxing experience your customers will remember and love.

Ecommerce fulfillment

We completely redesigned the account experience to look and feel easier to use than ever before. The user interface is designed with you in mind. Make payments, edit addresses, update product photos and information with just a few clicks. We made working within your Obordesk account to be completely self- explanatory and easy to follow.

Grow your website. Post sourcing requests or make use of our catalogue of winning products!

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integrate with shopify



integrate with woo commerce


integrate with amazon


integrate with magento


integrate with ebay


Your Obordesk account works seamlessly with the
top online services you’ve come to trust.

Connect now with our automatic integration.

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