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Customizing your brand in dropshipping is essential for several reasons, primarily to stand out in a competitive market, build trust with your customers, and enhance the overall customer experience. Here’s a detailed explanation of why customization is important and how to go about customizing your brand:


Why Customize Your Brand in Dropshipping?

  1. Differentiation and Brand Identity:

Customization helps your brand to stand out amidst a sea of similar products. A unique brand identity is memorable and distinguishes your business from competitors.

  1. Credibility and Trust:

A well-customized brand gives a sense of professionalism and trust to potential customers. It reassures them that they are dealing with a legitimate, established business.

  1. Customer Experience:

Personalized packaging and branding enhance the customer experience. It creates a sense of excitement, improves unboxing, and adds value to the purchase, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

  1. Repeat Business and Loyalty:

A recognizable, well-branded product often leads to repeat purchases. Customers are more likely to return and purchase again if they had a positive and memorable experience with your brand.

  1. Competitive Advantage:

Customization can give you a competitive edge in the market by allowing you to offer unique, tailor-made products or packaging that competitors don’t have.


How to Customize Your Brand in Dropshipping?

  1. Design a Unique Logo and Branding:

Work with a professional graphic designer to create a logo and branding materials that reflect your brand’s values, target audience, and uniqueness.

  1. Choose Customized Packaging:

Work with packaging suppliers or manufacturers to design custom packaging that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and values. Incorporate your logo, brand colors, and messaging.Dropshipping with your own packaging is a really good strategy to gain customers loyalty, increase returning customers and boost your sales with a little investment.


But where to find suppliers that can offer this service? It is not so easy?

Chances are that you might be using a lot of different suppliers who fulfill your orders. If you want them to place your items in your customised packaging, you need first to:

  • check with them if they offer this kind of service;
  • agree on the extra charge that they will for sure ask you for the extra service;
  • Ship to each of them a stock of your customized packages, that of course you have to print somewhere.

It is hard to even begin to explain how many things could go wrong here.  It is very likely that you do not reside in China, you might find it hard to speak Chinese suppliers. As most times they don’t speak a really good english.

To avoid all this problems and get all your orders shipped with your customized packaging, your answer is Obor Desk.

Obor Desk is the only dropshipping software that will help you find products to sell and to dropship them in customized packages.

We can be the only supplier for all your items. In this way, we can also be the partner responsible for all your shipping and all your packaging.

With Obor Desk, you can easily ask quotations for the private labelling of your packaging. Buy them online and keep them in our warehouse for free ready to be use to pack your orders

And what about your products?

You will still buy them one by one in perfect dropshipping style. So what are you waiting for?



Customizing your brand in dropshipping is a powerful tool to create a lasting impression on your customers. By investing in branding and customization, you not only enhance your business’s credibility but also create a strong foundation for long-term success and growth.

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