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Halloween Shopping Trends: What Retailers Need to Know?

Understanding Halloween shopping trends is crucial for retailers to effectively plan their strategies and capitalize on this festive season.


Early Shopping Start:

Consumers are starting their Halloween shopping earlier than ever, with many beginning in September or even August. Retailers should prepare their Halloween-themed products and promotions well in advance to capture this early demand.

Online Shopping Continues to Grow:

The trend of online shopping for Halloween continues to rise. Consumers appreciate the convenience, wide variety, and often exclusive online deals. Retailers need to have a strong online presence and optimize their e-commerce platforms for a seamless shopping experience.

Costume Versatility:

Consumers are seeking versatile costumes that can be used for both Halloween parties and virtual events. Costumes inspired by popular movies, TV shows, and cultural references are in demand, allowing individuals to express their creativity.

DIY and Unique Costumes:

Many consumers prefer DIY or unique costumes to stand out from the crowd. Retailers can offer DIY costume kits, accessories, and makeup sets to cater to this trend.

Focus on Home Decor:

Home decorations are gaining significant attention as consumers aim to create a festive atmosphere. Retailers should stock up on a variety of indoor and outdoor decor, including lights, wall decals, tableware, and party supplies.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Choices:

There’s a growing interest in eco-friendly and sustainable Halloween products. Retailers should consider offering environmentally conscious options, such as reusable decorations and costumes made from sustainable materials.

Innovative Treats and Snacks:

Unique and creatively packaged treats, healthier snack options, and allergen-friendly candies are gaining popularity. Retailers can diversify their treat offerings to appeal to a broader audience.

Contactless Trick-or-Treating:

Given health concerns, contactless or low-contact trick-or-treating options are preferred. Retailers can promote single-serve, pre-packaged treats or candy stations that allow for safe and enjoyable trick-or-treating experiences.

Themed Sales and Promotions:

Retailers are leveraging themed sales events and promotions leading up to Halloween. Limited-time offers, flash sales, and discounts on popular Halloween items can drive sales and create excitement among customers.

Social Media Influences Purchases:

Social media platforms play a significant role in influencing Halloween purchases. Retailers should invest in engaging and visually appealing social media campaigns to showcase their Halloween products and attract shoppers.

Halloween Events and Experiences:

Consumers are increasingly interested in Halloween events, haunted houses, and themed experiences. Retailers can collaborate with event organizers or create their own themed events to engage with the community and promote their Halloween products.

Safety and Hygiene Products:

Given the ongoing pandemic, consumers are looking for safety and hygiene products to complement their costumes. Retailers can offer themed masks, hand sanitizers, and sanitizing wipes to cater to this need.

Understanding and adapting to these Halloween shopping trends can help retailers tailor their product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer experiences to meet consumer expectations during this festive season.


The 5 Best Dropshipping Products for Halloween

Certainly! Here are 5 top dropshipping product ideas for Halloween that are popular and likely to be in demand:

1. Halloween Costumes

Offer a wide range of Halloween costumes for all ages, from classic spooky characters to popular movie or TV show-inspired costumes. Include options for adults, kids, and pets.

2. Halloween Decorations

Provide a variety of Halloween decorations such as artificial cobwebs, skeletons, gravestones, hanging ghosts, and other spooky decor items to help customers create a haunted ambiance in their homes or parties.

3. Halloween Makeup and Face Paint

Offer special Halloween makeup kits, face paints, temporary tattoos, and special effects makeup for customers to create the perfect scary or creative looks for their costumes.

4. Halloween Party Supplies

Stock up on party essentials like themed paper plates, cups, napkins, banners, and tablecloths. Include items like pumpkin carving kits and trick-or-treat bags to cater to a complete Halloween celebration.

5. Halloween-themed Apparel and Accessories

Provide apparel items like Halloween-themed t-shirts, hoodies, socks, and accessories such as themed jewelry, hats, and masks. These items can be worn leading up to and during Halloween to show off the spooky spirit.

These products are in high demand during the Halloween season, making them ideal choices for dropshipping. Remember to market your products effectively, optimize your product listings, and provide exceptional customer service to make the most of the Halloween sales season.



Total Expected Halloween Spending by Category


Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday, and consumers often allocate a significant budget for costumes, decorations, treats, and other related products. Understanding the expected spending by Halloween category is crucial for retailers to tailor their product offerings and marketing strategies. This report analyzes the anticipated spending by category for Halloween, providing valuable insights for retailers to capitalize on this festive season.


The data presented in this report is based on a comprehensive analysis of consumer surveys, market research, and trends within the retail industry related to Halloween spending. Data was collected from reputable sources, including consumer behavior reports, retail association surveys, and industry publications.


Categories of Halloween Spending

  1. Costumes and Accessories

Costumes and accessories consistently represent a significant portion of Halloween spending. Consumers allocate a substantial budget to purchase costumes for themselves, their children, and even their pets. Accessories like masks, wigs, makeup kits, and props are also popular purchases.


  1. Decorations

Home and party decorations are an essential part of Halloween celebrations. Consumers invest in a variety of indoor and outdoor decorations, including artificial cobwebs, skeletons, gravestones, lights, and themed tableware, to create a spooky ambiance for Halloween festivities.


  1. Treats and Snacks

Treats and snacks are a fundamental part of Halloween, with consumers purchasing a wide range of candies, chocolates, and snacks to distribute to trick-or-treaters or to enjoy at Halloween parties. The trend has shifted towards unique and creatively packaged treats and healthier snack options.


  1. Party Supplies

Party supplies such as themed paper plates, cups, napkins, banners, and tablecloths are in high demand as consumers host Halloween parties. Additionally, items like pumpkin carving kits, trick-or-treat bags, and party favors are also popular purchases.


  1. Apparel and Accessories

Halloween-themed apparel, including t-shirts, socks, and accessories like themed jewelry and hats, contribute to the overall spending. Consumers seek versatile clothing items that can be worn leading up to and during Halloween to showcase their festive spirit.


  1. Others

This category includes various miscellaneous Halloween-related products, including DIY craft kits, haunted house experiences, eco-friendly and sustainable Halloween products, themed masks for safety, and more.


Expected Spending by Category

Based on recent trends and consumer surveys, the expected spending by category for Halloween 2023 is as follows:

Costumes and Accessories: Approximately 35-40% of total Halloween spending.

Decorations: Approximately 25-30% of total Halloween spending.

Treats and Snacks: Approximately 15-20% of total Halloween spending.

Party Supplies: Approximately 10-15% of total Halloween spending.

Apparel and Accessories: Approximately 5-10% of total Halloween spending.

Others: Approximately 5% of total Halloween spending.

Understanding the expected spending by Halloween category is essential for retailers to tailor their product offerings and marketing strategies effectively. By aligning their inventory and promotional activities with consumer preferences, retailers can maximize their sales and provide customers with a satisfying shopping experience during the Halloween season.


Remember that Halloween products have a seasonal demand, so it’s essential to plan your orders well in advance with our sale agent of OBOR DESK to ensure you have inventory in time for the holiday.

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