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There’s no doubt about it: eCommerce is the way of the future. Online sales increase every year and it’s easier than ever to start your very own store online. It’s true! Anyone can do it. If you’re ready to quit your 9-to-5, want to add a little bit of extra income to your life, and work from home, opening an eCommerce shop is the way to do it.

There’s a lot to know about how to create the perfect eCommerce store, so we’re going to give you a quick little guide to getting started.

Shortening processing time as a dropshipper

  1. Select an eCommerce website builder

You don’t need to code anymore to know how to build websites. All you need is an online store builder like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, or GoDaddy. These websites all have customizable templates that you can choose from so designing your online store is as easy as drag and drop. The best one for you will likely depend on the price, ease of use, and features.


  1. Choose a plan that lets you have your own domain name

Most website builders will allow you to use their services for free, but that means you won’t be able to use all of their features. Paid subscriptions will allow you to choose your own domain name and you will get a custom URL that doesn’t have the hosting platform’s name attached. This will help set your eCommerce store apart as an individual.


  1. Design your online store

As previously mentioned, eCommerce website builders have customizable templates. Start by choosing a template that you like and customize it to match your branding. Use your favorite eCommerce shops for inspiration! Make sure your fonts are easy to read and your color scheme isn’t too distracting. You want visitors to focus on your products, not get distracted by your web design.


  1. Add products and descriptions

Your product photos should be clear, high-quality, and clutter-free. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to hire a product photographer to take some really great shots of the items that you’re selling. If you plan on working with a dropshipping company, they will be able to provide photos for you, which will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders.


Your product descriptions should communicate the value of your products. Don’t just describe the item, tell your audience how it’s going to solve a pain point in their life.


  1. Set up payment options

Now that there are so many ways to pay for items online, you might want to include as many options as possible on your online store. For example, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay are all convenient payment methods for your visitors. Of course, you should include the standard credit and debit card options, but many people have their bank account information saved to one of the aforementioned services. Having those available will allow them to make a purchase with just one click instead of having to dig their card out of their wallet.


  1. Include opt-in forms

Opt-in forms are those little pops ups that you see when you first visit a website. They usually ask for some personal information, like email or phone number, for communication purposes. Email marketing is a great way to connect to your audience, send the offers, alert them of sales, and let them know when you drop new merchandise.

Final Thoughts

Get started today!

There’s never been a better time to sell things online. Use these tips to design the perfect eCommerce store and you won’t go wrong! For more great eCommerce tips and advice, be sure to check out the other articles on the Obor Desk blog page.


Written By

Jane Hardt

March 15, 2021

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