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Alright, you’ve got your eCommerce business all set up, you have your dropshipping supplier, and you’re starting to see a steady stream of sales each month. Now you’re ready to take things to the next level and really see how much income you can generate.


There are absolutely no limits to how much money you can make online. And with dropshipping, you can be selling millions of dollars while hardly having to lift a finger! Want to know how to make millions with dropshipping? Keep reading.

1. Define your value proposition

Your value proposition tells customers why the product and service you’re offering is better than your competitors. It clearly explains the benefit you’re providing, who you’re providing it to, and how you’re the best!


Your value proposition will be able to point out a specific problem that your customers are facing and let them know how you’re going to swoop in and solve it. In order to communicate the value your product has you have to really understand who you’re selling to – your audience.


You can define your audience by creating an “ideal customer”:

  • How old are they?
  • What is their profession?
  • What do they like to do in their free time?
  • What problems are they faced with?
  • How do you solve their problem?


When you know exactly who you’re selling to, you can figure out exactly what they want and need. This kind of personalized customer service will give you a leg up on the competition and have customers flocking to your shop!

2. Curate your shop

You want to have enough products in your shop to appeal to every member of your audience, but not so many that it appeals to EVERYONE. You want someone to visit your eCommerce store and think, “Wow. They really get me!”


Curating the items that you use dropshipping to sell on your online store will show that you’re the go-to store for your customer’s specific needs. In some cases, they might not know exactly what they need so you have to guide them through the process. You want to provide them with enough variety so they can choose something that fits their personality but do so in a way that doesn’t leave them overwhelmed with options.


As you craft your ideal customer, curate your shop, and settle into your niche, you’ll want to make sure your dropshipping company can supply everything that you’re looking for. For example, if you start out selling the best reusable glass water bottles, you may eventually want to sell reusable straws or stock your site with items that feature your logo. It would be a good idea to consider all of the items within your niche that you might sell on your store and choose a dropshipping company that can handle everything.

3. Offer great customer service

Providing excellent customer service creates loyal customers that can help you grow your business! All it takes is a few glowing reviews on your website for the orders to start rolling in.


Utilizing the best dropshipping service for your eCommerce store is one of the easiest ways to ensure exceptional customer service with every order. As a business owner, you’re busy maintaining your website and social media accounts, building your brand, and marketing your products. Using one of the best dropshipping companies can save you hours upon hours of time by automating your order fulfillment process, performing quality checks, and fulfill returns/exchanges as quickly as you start them.


That being said, dropshipping companies do not communicate directly with your customers. It will be up to you to answer their questions, process returns and replacements, offer discounts, and maintain a level of professionalism that your ideal customer would be satisfied with.

4. Market your products

With all of the time that using the best dropshipping company saves, you can focus more of your efforts on how you’re going to spread the word about your amazing eCommerce shop! At the beginning, you may want to start with low-cost tactics like advertising on Google and social media platforms, running email campaigns, and perfecting the mobile and desktop versions of your website.


As your eCommerce business grows, you can start to look toward paid advertising options and utilize the services of influencers that will market your product to their audience!


Partnering up with the right dropshipping company that offers the products your customers need, helps you provide excellent customer service, and allows you enough time to focus on marketing will be the difference between being just another eCommerce store and the next million-dollar online empire!


Obor Desk is the best dropshipping company to help you take your eCommerce store to the next level. Contact one of our warehouse managers today and let’s get started!


Written By

Jane Hardt

January 20, 2020

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